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Position : Early associate at Impact Cardinals
Enterprise: Impact Cardinals
Description : A position that makes sense : Because Our job is also to think about the impact our money can have, I choose to become an early associate at Impact Cardinals. Impact Cardinals is building the Basic Nutrition Token, a stablecoin that aims to generate money to tackle food insecurity worldwide. You can also become an early associate and participate in the launch of this project. Your participation help to make the project mainstream and massively contribute to ending hunger and creating a more sustainable food system, better for the environment, for vulnerable populations, and the world.

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You can copy/paste and post it : I signed to support the Impact Cardinals project in their quest to address food insecurity. They are building the Basic Nutrition Token, an innovative approach to make philanthropy and the fight against hunger more effective. They need 1,000 signatures so spread the world and sign on their website just here :. You can make an impact too
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