The vision of the Project

Hunger is an issue that should not exist today

Let’s spread unity and solidarity. Let’s make an impact

Created on the foundations of altruism and passion for true ecosystem reform, Impact. Cardinals is an international nonprofit committed to rectifying one of the world’s most pressing and unsettling concerns: hunger.
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With roughly 29% of the world’s population facing the harsh realities of food scarcity, Impact Cardinals is more than an organization to end of world hunger epidemic; we aim to become a large ecosystem of passionate, talented and educated people to put a realistic end to food insecurity. We are a nonprofit that values the integrity of accountability and global coordination, leverages the art of pragmatic innovation, and was formed on a deep understanding that the only way to see real results is through creating real, root-cause solutions.

Ending hunger is not a utopia

World hunger is everyone’s problem, and with so many dynamics at play, it can sound like a utopian reality to attain. This is the very goal that we built Impact Cardinals around.
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Since its inception, Impact Cardinals has aimed to spearhead the hunger issue not through traditional means, but through the power of collective accountability, pragmatic wealth distribution, and the introduction of a philanthropic-modeled currency, the Basic Nutrition Token (BNT). Overall, lack of food has never been the issue; it is the lack of accessibility. There is today enough food, wealth, and technologies available in the world to tackle hunger. Hunger is an issue that should not exist today. We aim to tackle food insecurity and sustainability issues by addressing the deficiencies of the food and agricultural supply chain system. By holdings, the Basic Nutrition Token, individuals and corporates can automatically generate money with their savings. As with other stablecoins, holdings in the Basic Nutrition Token will generate interest. This interest is then invested back into us, where the money will be used to finance projects aiming to transform the agricultural system, create better sustainable food systems, and, ultimately, end world hunger. With the agricultural sector being the most determinantal cause of air, water, and soil pollution, resources must go to addressing climate change, social issues, and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

A new approach

But what makes Impact Cardinals different is our commitment to transparency and accountability. Each project we design will follow a clear and well-thought-out plan to achieve our social goals.
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And thanks to the transparency provided by blockchain technology, people can follow and trace each token release and its impact. We will create maps that identify different issues and design specific plans with experts to address them. The progress of each project will be visible on our website. The more people who participate, the bigger our map will grow and the more issues we will be able to address with the Basic Nutrition Token. By bringing together the resources, knowledge, and expertise of individuals, we can leverage the power of global solidarity to overcome some of our most pressing social issues. With the Basic Nutrition Token serving as a unifying force, we can work towards a common goal of ending hunger and by a domino effect, tackle other urgent issues. This is a powerful message that has the potential to spark a global movement of solidarity and collaboration. The Basic Nutrition Token can be the catalyst for change that we so desperately need, reminding us that small actions can have a big impact. We can use the power of coordination and solidarity to unlock the full potential of the world’s wealth and technology and transform what once seemed like impossible challenges into a reality. Our approach is not based on naive idealism but rather a pragmatic understanding that true change comes from global coordination, accountability, and solidarity. By utilizing the wealth and technology available to us, we can create a world where hunger is no longer a reality. Overall, Impact Cardinals is a nonprofit where no one loses and everyone gains. Individuals using BNT sustain their money and do so while automatically participating in the social fight towards making the global food system more sustainable and respectful of the environment. Yes, volunteering helps, donating help, and raising awareness helps. But what genuinely conquers this seemingly impossible challenge rather than masking some symptoms goes deeper. It stems from equal distribution, proper resource allocations, accountability, and coming together as a shared-value unity

Amina Touré

Executive Director and Founder

Amina Touré is a young human rights activist, law graduate, researcher, and student at the London School of Economics, where she is studying International Development, Humanitarian emergencies, and the economic development of Africa. Passionate about social and economic issues affecting the African continent, she founded Impact Cardinals with the goal of participating in the fight against hunger

Saliha Zia

Blockchain developer

Saliha is a young blockchain and tokenomics expert passionate about using her knowledge and expertise to give birth to incredible projects. Graduated from the Institute of Chartered Accounts in Economics, business planning, and auditing, she also studied tokenomics and game design at the University. She is know young and passionate woman and part of the team working to give birth to the Basic Nutrition Token at Impact Cardinals

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