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The Problem

Today, hunger affects 3 billion people on Earth, and it kills 600 million people, including 3.1 million children each year. The world produces each year 1.3 billion tons of food which is enough to feed twice the global population. Today, 80 trillions of dollars only (not in other currencies) exist worldwide and according to different studies, 330 billion is enough to end hunger.

The inefficiencies of the current Philantrophic Model

In the last decades, technologies made incredible advancements. Still, to address the huge social and environmental issues, the philanthropic model needs to evolve with those advancements to be more efficient

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At Impact Cardinals, we believe that we should mobilize technology today not as a miracle solution but as a tool to address the urgency. Today, most of philanthropic organizations rely on an out-aged model : slow money, limited funds, and limited trust. They still have the same approach and did not evolve, wihich results in limited results. Blockchain technology can increase and scale up the fight against social issues and create more effective methods to do it.

The Basic Nutrition Token is a digital asset that aims to create a profitable ecosystem with two goals :

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1) Ending hunger
2) Creates a self-sufficient ecosystem of growth for vulnerable populations.
Today, hunger is an issue that creates extreme vulnerability, especially among already vulnerable populations. Studies demonstrate that hunger issues affect women and young girls more.
Therefore, the Basic Nutrition Token using blockchain technology makes the fight against a hunger more efficient by ensuring a system where investing in philanthropic causes does not cost anyone anything. Therefore, the value of the Basic Nutrition Tokens comes from global cooperation and the implementation of an effective, global, and self-sufficient ecosystem. Therefore, by using a stablecoin as an asset to generate money, blockchain technology offers several advantages: transparency, accountability, and more money generated

How the Basic Nutrition Tokens works

Step 1

When an individual decides to buy the Basic Nutrition Token (BNT), he will get the same amount of BNT as the BNT is a stablecoin pegged on the US dollar, and that 1 BNT is worth 1 dollar. For example, if an individual invests 100 dollars, he will get in return 100 BNT that will be sent on the blockchain in a crypto wallet. Impact Cardinals will put this 100 dollars in reserve. Therefore, each person investing in the BNT will be assured of getting back his money. Indeed, every BNT existing on the blockchain is backed up with dollars. If there is a certain amount of BNT in circulation, it means that the Impact Cardinals has this amount of money in dollars in its reserve to ensure the assurance of having your money back.

Step 2

The 100 dollars will be invested in 3-month T bills, a type of US government bond, one of the
lowest risky investments that always guarantees interests. The US government will provide an average interests rate of about 2.7% per year through this investment. It is important to note that each stablecoin on the market makes profits from investing in different sources of investments, some riskier than others, and uses the interests earned with the money of their clients for a-profit oriented cause. At Impact Cardinals, our stablecoin (the BNT) as others will invest the money of people holdings the BNT. However, the interests earned from those investments will be used for a philanthropic cause.

Step 3

 The interests from this 100 dollars will be invested in Impact Cardinals.  This money will be used to finance our missions with the aim of making the food supply chain system in vulnerable regions more sustainable and ending hunger. 

Step 4

The individual can at any moment take his money back as we only aim to use the interests. Obviously, the longer an individual will let his money convert into the BNT, the more money itwill generate. But in the end, no matter how long you choose to convert your money into the BNT for a certain amount of time, it could have a tremendous impact at the end of the process. Using blockchain technology to improve the fight against hunger and climate change can allow adapting of a new philanthropic model to scale up the social and environmental fight. This model allows anyone to participate in a social fight without losing money. Our goal is that the Basic Nutrition Token become a mainstream currency and extend its use. Therefore, if different actors and not only those in the crypto world decide to adopt the Basic Nutrition Token, holdings of the BNT will automatically help people to have better food access and will contribute to making the global food system more sustainable and respectful of the environment.

How do we tackle and promote sustainability?

The money that generates the Basic Nutrition Token will serve to finance programs to end a hunger. We will design and implement different missions on the ground and work closely with different actors at the heart of Africa’s issue.

Scaling the fight: Becoming a mainstream currency

As an innovative way to approach philanthropy, we aim to make the Basic Nutrition Token a mainstream currency. In this case, the more people will hold the BNT, the more money will be generated to finance our missions to ensure food security for vulnerable populations.

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