Becoming a global movement

Becoming a global movement

As an organization that aspires to bring different actors worldwide, Impact Cardinals  aims to be more than a regular non-profit organization.

Anyone believing in our mission can join the journey by buying a Basic Nutrition Token. Once one converts at least 1 dollar in BNT, this action can be considered as buying stock in our non-profit even if you will have your money back, considering that the money an individual will invest will be used to generate money.

Each individual or entity ‘buying stocks at Impact Cardinals will become an associate/ stakeholder of our organization and, therefore, of this global movement. Because Impact Cardinals is non-profit, the return on investment will not be in the form of money but in the form of a score each year, which will be calculated depending on the amount of BNT you invested. This score will result in the number of a calculation based on the donors’ amount of money that will calculate the impact of their money in reducing food insecurity.

The more stakeholder we will have, the biggest IMPACT we could have and transform the whole agricultural system to benefit of some of the most vulnerable populations but not only.

At Impact Cardinals, we aim to use the power of blockchain technology to leverage change.

The token technology allows people with common incentives to reunite around what they believe in a creates value ex-nihilo. If today, the bitcoin is worth tens of thousands of dollars, it’s because people believe in the value, the assets the bitcoin represents. So if we find a way to reunite people around our vision, we can generate an important value to inspire and take action from this. Therefore, if the BNT becomes a wide use currency , the value from this mainstream use will automatically tackle hunger and climate change by transforming the agricultural supply chain system.

The role of stakeholder:

We aim to build a worldwide community of people with common incentives. Each stakeholder of Impact Cardinals will be part of this big community and part of our movement. Each stakeholder will have access to a private Discord group of Impact Cardinals as if they were part of the team to be the closest of our daily advancement of the Organization and ensure maximum transparency on everything we do.

Stakeholders will also be able to participate in a general assembly of the Organization that will take place on time per month and vote for different decisions concerning the process of the Organization and our missions.

Therefore, each associate at Impact who invest at least 1 dollar in the Basic Nutrition Token will be close to our advancements and will have the possibility to follow each step of the development of Impact Cardinals towards our goal: ending hunger.
We do not want people to join us only to tackle worldwide chronic hunger. More than that, we want people to join us because they want to be part of this ecosystem as a testimony of that gathering people globally who believe in the same things can generate a tremendous amount of value that will allow us to tackle issues that could seem impossible to solve before.
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