Ending hunger

The Basic Nutrition Token aims to leverage blockchain technology to generate money to finance different programs to tackle food insecurity. We aim to create a global ecosystem and leverage the means at our disposal to answer some of the biggest issues of our time.
Impact Cardinals will focus on 3 main areas to end hunger :


  • Training of farmers
    Expanding the use of climate-resilient crops
  • Improving livestock feed
    Developing urban farming

Development and infrastructure

  • Irrigation
  • Post-Harvest Loss Reduction
  • Adapt all food systems to eliminate loss or waste of food
  • Develop transport and other infrastructures
  • Reducing food waste: 30% of all the food produced in the world is thrown away

Social empowerment

  • Developing farmer’s organizations
  • Income support
  • Developing youth training in farming
  • Promote education
Using the Basic Nutrition Token means financing the fight against hunger and climate change without losing money. The First mission of the organization will be to finance off-ground urban farms in different regions of Africa affected by food insecurity and different social and economic barriers.

Why off-ground urban farming?

Urban farming has many advantages to ensuring food security. It can ensure social, ecological, and economic impacts on the local population.

Social impacts

Urban agriculture has the potential to foster social development and strengthen community cohesion through the creation of shared learning experiences. Research has indicated that engaging in urban agriculture cultivates social capital and enhances community interpersonal relationships. Moreover, studies have shown that children actively participating in community gardening are more inclined to consume more vegetables.

Ecological impacts

In 2011, storage, refrigeration, and transportation accounted for 40% of global food loss andwaste, with developing countries experiencing higher losses compared to developed countries. However, urban agriculture offers a promising solution by reducing the distance food travels and the energy required for long supply chains.

Economic impact

Urban agriculture has the potential to serve as an income generator for individuals and communities. When people buy food locally, it directly contributes to boosting the local economy. In the context of Ivory Coast, for instance, urban agriculture has shown significant economic benefits in terms of enhancing food security and generating income through the sale of surplus produce.

The IMPACT Farms have several benefits:

– Increase food security
– Increase income
– Provide the local population of vulnerable African regions and especially the youth
with jobs and incomes.
– Allows the economic and social development in the long-term of local populations.

How does it work:

The money generated by the BNT will be used to finance the settlement of off-ground urban ] farms in vulnerable regions of Africa. We will pay the salaries of farmers and the equipment with the money generated by the Basic Nutrition Token. A part of the food produced will be distributed to vulnerable people, and a minor part will be sold to different agricultural groups. The money generated by these sales will be used to finance other missions and programs

Our 3 goals are to :

– Provide local populations with fresh food
– Develop and promote the development of sustainable off-ground urban farms in
vulnerable cities of Africa.
– Foster local communities of vulnerable regions in Africa affected by poverty and
hunger to allow local populations to have easier access to food and employment.

2 expected outcomes:

– Local population of different cities (between 45%-70%) can have access to at least one
time per week to fresh food
– Youth and the local population can have access to formations in urban farming and
learn skills to develop sustainable off-ground urban farms.

The Organization will work closely with different established enterprises and organizations
and local populations to settle off-grounded urban farms and build different effective
programs. Once our missions start, you can follow our work and each step of our missions on
our website and trace the impact on the ground of each Basic Nutrition Token one invested.
To know more about our initiatives, don’t hesitate to contact us.

How do we measure our impact?

For each 1000 BNT invested in US bonds, generating the targeted 3% interest, we can mobilize approximately 30 dollars to build one small urban farm, covering an area of 100 square meters and able to feed between 4 and 5 people. This efficient allocation of resources ensures that every BNT contributes significantly to our cause, enabling the construction of a farm capable of sustaining five individuals daily. Our urban farms are designed to produce a diverse array of nutrient-rich vegetables and locally sourced chicken, carefully cultivated to provide between 2,000 and 2,500 calories per person each day. It is through this measured impact and tangible outcomes that we aim to break the cycle of hunger, empowering communities to become self-sufficient and resilient. To measure our success, we will closely collaborate with local partners and experts, diligently refining our urban farming model in Kenya during the pilot phase. By continuously testing and improving our strategies, we will ensure the scalability and long-term sustainability of our approach.
Find more information here and in our detailed white paper.
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